about me

I am an aspiring amateur photographer with a passion for landcsape photography. My vision is to show you the beauty of nature which I experienced in the moment behind the camera. I have a fondness for light and how a subject appears in it. In landscapes I like create mood with backlit atmosphere.
Product photography becomes a part of business in my job as technical engineer. I can´t still believe now it that this dream came true for me. It gives me the opportunity to grow up my skills in studio photography and to show the aesthetic of subjects. I see a great synergy in sharing passion between hobby and business, it pairs the inspiration with the professionalism.

Thank you for visiting my stream, and I hope some of my work could inspire you.
All works © Gregor Halbwedl 2016.
Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Gregor Halbwedl.
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